TBN was my church home when I had none and I am grateful for the sacrifice and commitment of Paul and Jan Crouch. Thank you for your service and care.- Nicole

My dad got saved by watching Frederick KC Price in 1986 on TBN. Ironically, TBN was the only station we got on our big satellite. And am I thankful because once dad got saved, he led our whole family to the Lord, including me. - Bonnie

God gave Dr. Papa Paul Crouch the mantle for world evangelism and through watching TBN I was saved when I was at my lowest in my life. Thank You Papa Paul for answering God’s call. - Oreoluwa

I and my wife have experienced such comfort of the Holy Spirit through TBN. Somehow, just knowing we could turn on the TV and TBN was always there meant a lot to us. We will miss hearing Paul say, “Welcome, welcome, welcome!” And when something moved him, he would always say, “Oh, dear friends,” and somehow you would know, this, is important. In these last few years I have especially enjoyed seeing the outreach to the Muslim world. What a blessing that is and you could sense somehow, through Behind the Scenes that it was important to Paul. We’re praying for you all during this time. Ed Dr. Crouch was a blessing and the results of his faithfulness still are! I loved his child-like faith mixed with Christian maturity and love of the Lord Jesus! - Rebecca

Pastor Paul Crouch is and will always be an amazing servant of the Most High God. I have been blessed by his obedience to get the gospel truth out to the world. His life represents obedience, faith, trust and belief in a God that can’t fail. I am a believer and a person of faith to trust the Lord at his word because of the spiritual position I witnessed through Paul Crouch’s life. - Freelander

TBN was used profoundly in my Christian walk while I was incarcerated in the Harris Co. Jail in the mid-90s. For that, I am very grateful. I have always believed that airwaves are the way to reach the untaught in the word of God. My experience while incarcerated changed from a hopeless position, to one that now can give back in abundance. Thank you Dr. Crouch and Jan

for your steadfast determination to reach people like me. I am changed and desire to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. I will praise The Lord forever because of what you made available to me In His Mighty Grip, Pastor Jan

As a small child growing up in the rural area of South Georgia, I remember watching the Christian Network on my grand-parents black and white TV. (Little did I know that the seed was being planted in my Spirit.) Years later, after two divorces and a very empty feeling inside, I was surfing the TV channels for something meaningful to watch (as I found TBN). When Dr. Paul Crouch starting speaking about reaching the world via satellite, it was like I knew this man. I’ve seen him before. Needless to say, TBN has been a favorite to watch, to partner with, and to hear various Ministers preach/teach the Gospel of Jesus. I too will miss seeing Dr. Paul Crouch but I trust God that his legacy will live on now and years to come. - Bevirli

I was touched by TBN as a young child in the 70s. My older brothers and I watched the PTL Club and other programs offered by TBN. TBN offered us ministry outside of church and allowed us to grow spiritually in amazing ways. Christians and non-Christians alike, will continue to reap the benefits of his labor. I am grateful for his efforts and those of his family. - Cheryl

Although I'll see Paul again, I'll thoroughly miss seeing him on TBN. Through his work of providing Christian television, I grew my faith watching TBN over the years and thank God for Paul's faithfulness to his call. - LaVonne

I am very grateful for the many broadcasts I viewed via satellite while I was living on my farm. I connected with TBN by phone and was always supported and loved. I am contacting you from Western Australia. - Kerry

Paul has touched my life with his TV station. From Lusaka Zambia Africa with love - Katuta

I accepted the Lord in 1986 and have watched TBN ever since. Many nights I stayed up watching TBN until I could fall asleep. God indeed used a great man in a great way and I and my family are grateful and will never forget Him. - Robert

What a great servant of a Great God. Brother Paul Crouch has left huge footprints that beckon us to come into the service of our Great God. Thank you Sister Jan for sharing this wonderful man with believers all over the world. - Estella

TBN was used by God to help me through a difficult time after going through a second divorce and eventually helped my maturing in the Lord. - Diane

Early in my professional life, I worked with a group that wanted to bring Christian television to our area. The mission of TBN influenced my early career in broadcasting in a deep and lasting way. Without Dr. Crouch and Jan to forge a path, so many ministries would never have had the opportunity to have the reach they enjoy today. Thank God for the millions of souls that are now in heaven, and will be some day, who were reached by TBN. May we all strive to be as faithful to our calling as Paul and Jan Crouch. - Mary

I often tune in to the TBN station and have been to The Holy Land Experience twice. I have been blessed by the work that Dr. Crouch started and continued for over 40 years. - Lyn

When I found Christ, he directed me to TBN which I kept on all night long. I give God the credit for conquering the demons in my life by sending me Paul and Jan (who really helped in my bouts of depression-thanks Jan!). - Kathy

I have been blessed by TBN since the age of 21. It was during a dark and hopeless time in my life. I needed to hear the true and living God. I received the Lord through TBN during that time. The TBN family has prayed with me over the phone. They have also sent literature and gifts to sow into my life. Paul Crouch testimony of how TBN started always gives me hope that God is with me. I will always be apart of the TBN family because of the truth they teach. - Shoshana

Thank you for giving to the Lord. I was a life that was changed & my soul saved Feb. 4th—9:00 Pm 1983 –watching TBN! - Karl

You might not be aware that Paul’s works and TBN have penetrated the nooks and crannies of this world as in a corner of Muslim-dominated Jakarta, Indonesian where I am now and that he has given me the opportunity of experiencing and appreciating the “tapestry of worship” by the preachers of different stripes on TBN. - SK

How I loved Paul Crouch! What a kind gracious man! How blessed you all are to have been so touched and blessed by this great man of God. I started watching TBN in 1973 in Glendale Ca. Could hardly get reception but watched it often! Pam I have known Paul Crouch for nearly sixty years. We attended college together. Paul was always a gentleman (and a Christian) to me. I respected him for what he accomplished so effectively for the Kingdom. May God bless his memory and keep his family safe and well as they continue the work Paul began. - Dan Betzer, Senior Pastor / First Assembly of God / Ft. Myers, Florida

Standing in prayer for the family here to say, my family and I came to Christ and accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior through TBN 2001. The only TV station we could get was channel 40 when we moved to Los Angeles so, day and night we were ministered to..our home was filled with God's grace and mercy that forever changed our lives Tsehai

We literally grew up watching TBN and Papa Crouch was a part of our lives. For some reason I just thought he would live to be like 90 something, I actually just hoped he would so he could continue to be a part of our families next generation. He will though, he left a legacy for my daughter's future children to enjoy the Word of God. Wow, God completed the work He began in Papa Crouch. What a blessing. He's hanging with Jesus, Schaumbach, E. V. Hill, Roberts, Osteen, E. K. Bailey, Moses, Peter, etc. - Ruth

Our condolences from the nation of New Zealand to the Crouch Family. I was in the middle east and enjoyed the TBN network with my small satellite dish. I still remember Paul giving all those details of how to get the satellite dishes and all the Behind the Scenes programs. - Bridget

So sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Paul Crouch. TBN and Praise the Lord are one of my favorite networks and shows. - Herbert

He was a wonderful and inspirational person and someone I admired. He and Jan were, for me the face of TBN. God used him to influence the world and in a mighty way. He was truly salt and light in the world. - Amina

I got saved in 1979 and became a member of TBN. I remember when Jan & Paul came to Miami. The station they were about to launch was in Pembroke Pines, FL. I went to the Studio there and took a picture of Jan & Paul. I still have it. I love TBN and all the people there. I grew a lot in Faith. - Lorraine

This servant of The Lord was instrumental in my husband and my Spiritual walk in The Lord. We were babes in Christ and watched TBN all day each day. May his family fine peace and know that we all loved him and our Christian walk was blessed because of Paul and Jan Crouch and the TBN family. - Bernice

I have been a TBN partner for over thirty-one (31) years and TBN has helped me spiritually through many difficult storms. - Brenda

He was a spiritual father to us and our entire family. Because of him and Jan we grew closer to God. Without TBN I don't believe we could have been exposed to such wonders and revelation as quickly as we were to assist us in our spiritual growth process. - Robert & Audrey

What a great gift Paul’s calling has brought to each one of us. I returned to the Lord March of 1977 watching TBN. Jan placed my name on a big white board and called me a little lamb. We went to our local TBN studios on several occasions and also to Santa Ana. The anointing of the Lord was and is so real! - Rita

Sad to learn of the passing of Paul Crouch today. The friendship of the Hastie’s & Crouch's goes back three generations to the early days of Pentecost in Iowa. I had the privilege of co-hosting TBN's "Praise the Lord" program on a few occasions in the '70's. - Phil Hastie

Our prayers and Condolence are extended to the Crouch Family! A Wonderful Man of God gone on to receive his reward! Thank God for Brother Paul Crouch! Apostle Jacqueline Davidson and the Entire Power House Word of Deliverance Ministries & Churches Inc. Washington, DC

You are part of my family and I am praying for you all. I rededicated my life to God watching Christian TV, and without you there would be no Christian TV. I am amazed at what you let God do with your lives! - Mattie

TBN and Dr. Crouch have been in my life for the past 25 years since I gave my life to Jesus. AMEN!!!! I have been so blessed by all of you and your programs at TBN. You & Dr. Crouch blessed my life and my family’s life. I am so thankful for Dr. Crouch’s vision and answer to the “call”. - Mary

There were many times in my life when I would turn to TBN for encouragement and the faith to continue to walk the walk of faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you to Paul and Jan Crouch and to all who worked with them to make TBN a beacon of light in a very dark world. - Vickie

Spent 12 years as a Prayer Partner at KNMT in Portland, OR, and consider it an honor to have served TBN under the leadership of Dr. Paul Crouch. He inspired me to become a Pastor and win souls for the Lord. -Bonnie

Your ministry and family have been an inspiration to me for 25 years. -Linda

Paul and Jan immensely helped shape my husband’s and my walk with the Lord and taught us so much for which I am forever thankful…and gave us access to many life-changing ministries that sowed into our lives. - Kathy

I first heard about Brother Paul from my Pastor Mike Purkey during a Sunday gathering back in 1996. As cable progressed, I began watching TBN almost daily and loved the variety, the stories, testimonies, and more that glorified the Lord. - Daryl

Paul brought so many to Christ through TBN, he certainly helped me in my journey through all the wonderful programming on TBN. -Kristen

I remember when I first found TBN. I was in my basement reading the Bible and had the TV on and I heard singing and praise and worship, but no picture. So I used aluminum foil on the broken antenna and was able to get a picture most of the time, but could hear the sound. Then one day there it came clear sound and picture. Not long after that I gave my life completely to the Lord, got baptized and filled me with the Holy Spirit and have not turned back. That was in 1995 and have been watching TBN ever since. - Dorothy

The TBN channels have taught me much about the deeper things of God and opened the way for me to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I'm forever grateful to Dr. Crouch. -Hans

I have watched TBN for years and marvel at the never ending passion Dr. Paul had...with all his dedication to spreading the gospel around the world, he has made an impression on me as what it means to serve God. - Barbara

Oh so sad to learn about Dr Crouch's passing. TBN was largely instrumental to my decision to give my Life to Jesus Christ. - Adieu

There is so much joy in heaven as they receive this awesome Global Soul-Winner~ Pastor Paul Franklin Crouch. Now that your work here on earth is done, rest on, Evangelist Paul. -Grace

I feel so honored & humbled to say that because of Dr. Paul's vision my life have been touched again & again by this ministry. Gwendolyn The Bible says in (Matt. 4:8-11) that the devil took Jesus up on an (Exceeding) high mountain, an (Expensive) mountain, one that would cost Jesus his life(Blood) to get it back. That mountain represented a (Seat) in mans kingdom where (All) Nations of the world could be seen from (Global Television), Paul Crouch took that mountain from the devil in Jesus Mighty Name. - Terry