It was my privilege to work with Paul and TBN when we were pioneering TBN in Russia in Leningrad back in the 90-s. My time with Paul and Praise the Lord I will never forget. In fact, in many ways I am a missionary to America now because Paul is a great American. - Sergei Timokhin, Russian Pastor

We were so blessed to see the fabulous tribute to Paul Sr tonight. We have been supporters of TBN for over 35 years. And we would like to answer Jan's request tonight with a YES! YES! Of course we will stand behind you and the continuing of the vision until Jesus comes to take us home. In fact by faith we are increasing our commitment in giving and of course you, Matt, Laurie and all those fulfilling the work of the mission of TBN are in our prayers daily. Love you all so very much. - Cheryl & James

I am one of the millions of TBN viewers whose lives have been tremendously transformed by Dr. Crouch's ministry. - Rosie

I watched Paul on a broadcast when he was with his family and our pastor, Joseph Prince, and just felt his security in the Lord over the Net. - Anne-Marie

The Russian community in Chicago, along with TBN Russia- Chicago are mourning together with the Crouch family today in the loss of Paul Crouch Sr. We have lost a faithful friend who had the character of a father. We thank God and believe that he was met with the words, "good and faithful servant." - Pastor Michael Petrow, TBN Russia representative

I have been blessed by the TBN network since I became a viewer in the late 1990's. I can only try to imagine the thrill Brother Crouch is experiencing now... - Elizabeth

We watched Paul and his Christian family and friends for over 30 years, we supported your ministry and followed your teachings that changed our lives for better. - A Family

When I was not saved, I would watch PTL and make fun of the show. Still, I kept watching the show more and more while God was changing my heart. A few months later (11/23/1995), I gave my heart to Jesus. I was 41 years old. Not having a good fatherly image my whole life, my life dramatically changed with Dr. Crouch's book about not having any father but God. I am forever grateful for his (and your) obedience to God's calling. He left a great legacy, truly showed God's humor and will be greatly missed! - Marie

How amazing that Brother Paul was not just passionate but ON FIRE for the heart of the Lord, right until the very end; praise God that he is now able to receive his much deserved rest in the presence of the Lord. Not only did I come back to the Lord by way of a show on TBN, God used TBN to grow me up in the ways of God for the past twelve years. Because the Lord required that I travel, I have attended local churches, but TBN was a powerful "Bible school" for the Holy Spirit to teach the Word to me from cover to cover, and guide me in my day to day walk with Him. Many days, the Lord used the broadcasts from TBN as a lighthouse and an anchor that kept me from giving up, and encouraged me to get back up and keep persevering in Christ. - Stephanie

I first met Paul Crouch on my TV in 1998 and received salvation over the television through him. Irene, South Africa

I thank God for Brother Crouch and for TBN. It has changed my life forever. I watch it every single day. Paul Crouch has done more in his life than most of us could ever hope to!! - Kathy

God used a Trinity Broadcasting Network prayer partner to lead me to the Lord. I am one of many that were reached because of God's move in Paul Crouch's life. - Theresa

When I used to come home drunk, and high in the early hours of the morning, I would turn TBN on and sometimes cry myself to sleep because I was so backslidden. The presence of the Lord was so very strong thru the shows I was watching, in fact the whole room would be filled - that was in the 80's and early 90's. I just am so thankful for Brother Paul, and his vision, he got me through much. - Brian

Thank you so very much for the live broadcast tonight with Dwight Thompson, Pastor Tommy Barnett and other wonderful and powerful men of God! Don't you know Brother Paul is cheering everyone on to finish strong because Heaven is awesome and he and Jesus want the whole world to be saved! Tonight's tribute gave me an opportunity to shed tears with my TBN family and pray for all of you! And I'll continue! I love you all so much! Thank you! - Peggy

If it wasn't for Jan, Paul and the TBN prayer partners, who helped me through a time in my life of being homeless, broken and shattered. You gave me hope and the will to pick myself up and go on with my life. Today I have been blessed because of you all, with a roof over my head, and a program that is helping me. - Sharon

Although I have never met Dr. Paul, he was the reason why I even came back to Christ. Whenever I am feeling bad or having nightmares, I always turn my TV to TBN. TBN & the Crouches are the only reason that I truly want to make the commitment to getting myself right with Christ. Kat

My thoughts and prayers for the Crouch family are countless. What an honor it was to have known Paul and have a father who called him his friend. I know my father, Arthur Blessitt, will be at the funeral but I wanted to send my condolences personally. May our Lord give strength and wisdom to the family.In His service, - Joshua Blessitt

TBN has been my lifeline since I got saved in 1987 and I am a partner with you. - Carol

We all were saddened to hear the news of Dr. Crouch's passing. He was a pioneer in the Christian broadcast industry that paved the way for many of us. If a manŐs life is measured by his vision than Dr. Crouch was a giant. On behalf of the owners and staff of we offer our sincere condolences. - David Palmer

Paul was a spiritual dad for so many of us. It seems that if Paul was in charge we felt safer.I was a single mom in the eighties, and just starting my career in teaching. I felt over my head most of the time. I want you to know that I turned on TBN every night and you were my family and my strength. I was a part of the family, was fed in His Word. TBN brought me through in those days. - Patti

Our love and prayers are with you in the passing of this great warrior in Christ. Dr. Crouch's ministry has had a tremendous impact on my life via his television ministry, and I couldn't imagine what Christian television would look like without him. Again, we stand with you in prayer and support, and pray GodŐs peace and strength be with you. - Pastor Rodney P. Huffman, New Destiny Community Church of Cocoa

Amazing impact, Brother Paul conquered for the faith, with his wife, pointing people to live "the life of Christ". He would get so excited when a person surrendered and accepted Christ. Persecution, suffering & ridicule are what scriptures indicate we will go through. This family has sacrificed a lot. He was a giant in his love for God, bold and determined to battle for stations. I watch the classics reruns from the earlier years every night, to receive encouragement, nightly. He will be missed. Dr.Bradford, Still Standing4him

We know Paul is in a better place but he will be missed so much on Praise the Lord. He made TBN a part of everyone's family. You have the love from all followers. - Diane

TBN has blessed my life and has helped me to sustain and build my faith, as well as nurture my family in the things of God. - Craig

Much love and affection from so many hundreds of thousands of people (millions saved) that you have helped and encouraged with your wonderful programming efforts of TBN. What a gigantic accomplishment you achieved. Will miss your sweet chuckles and humble spirit as you rambled on with your intimate programming notes & program airings which I looked forward to getting updates. - Dee

Paul Crouch was a genuine person and it came across on camera. TBN was my lifeline in evening years ago when I was a young, single girl in a new city without friends looking for a fresh start in life. - Marilyn

Though I did not know Paul personally, I felt a love for him after seeing him so much on TBN and I loved to see him chatting with his son on Behind the Scenes. TBN has been a blessing to me and I appreciate all his good work. - Shivana

I found TBN one night "accidentally" in 1998. I've watched it ever since. It carried me, taught me and helped me these past 15 years. Kathy

I have been watching TBN since its inception and you always made me feel like family, thank you. - Katherine

I can't even imagine what my life would be like if it were not for TBN. Paul has left us with a wonderful legacy which has eternal rewards. I want you to know that we in the Christian community are going to continue to give our full support and prayers to the efforts that our Paul began some forty years ago. - Regina

I loved PaulŐs spirit, steadfastness, enthusiasm, and the awesome anointing on his life. I loved to see him at praise-a-thon, especially when a new station or satellite went on. Paul was faithful unto death. - Macia

We grew up watching TBN. For years living with my grandmother, that's all she had on television all day, every day, and we could not change the channel. Great memories. - Rashawn

The one thing I will miss the most are the Behind the Scenes bible studies. Love ya Paul- you will truly be missed. - Michelle

Thank you, thank you Crouch family for your unyielding commitment to this awesome ministry. The broadcasts on TBN have been a huge encouragement to me during some very difficult times, including separation / divorce, 3 job losses and the loss of my sister (also my best friend) to pancreatic cancer. I thank our Heavenly Father that he called Dr. Crouch to lead this amazing ministry 40 years ago. - Steve

I feel like I lost a dear friend. The world is not the same without Paul. I thank God for having sent such a wonderful angel to this world for awhile, leaving his footprint every where on earth with the TBN satellites. - Martha

Paul is a pioneer of Christian TV. He showed the world that Christians do have brains and God can bless us with programming to counter the immorality on secular TV. - Ruth Ann

Paul was certainly a great man of God like few others. I watch TBN every day and love the programming. When I would see Paul, he was always praising the Lord. Although I did not know him personally he was a friend and part of my life. He will be missed here; but I know that he is probably trying to figure out how to broadcast from the Pearly Gates. - Stephan

On my last day of the month of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for Dr. Paul Crouch, who founded TBN, with his bride Jan, many years ago. How that network has blessed my life and grown God's family. I love Paul and will miss his sparkle, his spunk, his devotion to our savior, his grace and sometimes feisty German personality! He is so unique; no-one like him ever. Such a lover of God and lover of people. I love you, Paul. We shall meet again. - Carol

I bless God for you and Paul you have been a blessing to me for over forty years...I got saved watching and my 34 year old son prayed with you Jan when he was 13 yrs old, He is now a praise leader in his church and married a Pastors daughter. - Laverne

Paul Crouch was used by GOD in a mighty way. His legacy of Christian TV and now internet and other media will continue until the return of Jesus. Thank you Paul Crouch and Jan for your love of souls and enduring efforts. - Karen

Although I had known God and Jesus prior to finding Paul and Jan on TV, in my Indiana college dorm room, in 1983, I never realized what I didn't know about my God and Savior. Paul and Jan was the window, the portal, the conduit that God chose for me to really get to know Him. They were different. The show was different. They made me different. I found the relationship that I wanted and that I needed with Jesus, through Paul and Jan. Every year since 1983, they have been an important part of my life and my walk with Christ. They have been there in my marriage, having kids, professional highs and professional lows. I knew they were always there for me. I knew they could open a window for me to see what God was always trying to show me. - Ken

As a former employee of Gener8Xion Entertainment, friend of the family, and admirer of the faith and passion of Dr. Paul Crouch Sr., my heart is full at the passing of this lovely soul. - Marjorie

The world has lost one of the greatest soul winners that have ever walked the face of the earth! Our prayers & thoughts are with you! - Pastor Mike Miller, Family Day Ministries, Inc.

Paul Crouch is one of the world's greatest evangelists bringing millions to Christ over the years. As a single mom of two, for 23 years Paul and Jan and TBN was my unfailing support team. I got saved from Dwight Thompson's "Pick up the Phone" on TBN 23 years ago. Paul and Jan have continued to spread the word of Jesus Christ all over the world. - Alice

I am so Thankful for Paul Crouch & his obedience to God. His television ministry is such a blessing to us all. Many times in my trials I would dream of a beautiful ocean at dusk. Never knowing what it meant but I would wake up peaceful. Then one day I was flipping channels on a particularly hard time in my life. I was trying to find something to ease my pain. Praise God, there on TBN was my beach scene right behind Paul Crouch. He was preaching the love God has for us. From that moment on TBN was my life line, my constant friend & the voice to encourage me. - Rubi

I and my wife are very grateful for the faithfulness of Paul Crouch. Because of the ministry we have not only come to know Jesus as our Savior and King, but through us hundreds, perhaps thousands have come to know Him. He and Jan are an example to millions of what is possible when you yield your life into the hands of God Almighty who gave. With love, - Pastor Phil and Vivian Jackson

I got saved on TBN when I was 21 yrs old and now am 53. - Vivian

We have been supporters of TBN for over 30 years and TBN has been a life line and a treasured home to our entire family thru many difficult and rejoicing times. - Cheryl

Dr. Paul Crouch will never, never, be forgotten! He can never be! His sacrifice touched the entire universe, especially in times of desperation, TBN was always there with a preacher with a timely word. - Charlotte

You and Jan led me to the Lord back in 1983. I was as lost as lost could be, desperate; and just like the image of the little cat, I was holding onto a little branch of a tree with just my claws! I will be forever grateful! Paul said a sinners' prayer for me to repeat as I knelt before my TV and my arms lifted up. The precious Holy Spirit flooded my whole being. It was one o'clock in the morning! Praise the Lord indeed!!! I will always love you both. Radically saved! - Mary Jane