Thank you Paul for your unselfish life and your steadfast love for humans; an example of the manifested sons of God in the Earth of today. The apostle Paul would marvel at your completed assignment. Your ministry of helps have sped many of the five fold ministry's gifts of the Spirit to the world. The World is aware of the good news; and many are better, many are born again, many will be saved because of the TBN Portal. You were chosen for this, and now called to the presence of our Father. - Richard

In 1981, I set in front of my TV every evening for one week watching TBN. I would say the sinnerŐs prayer not fully understanding what I was saying. Yet, I knew inside of me that it was the right thing to do. My life was changed forever more. Paul and Jan were used by the Lord to bring me into the Kingdom of God. - Anette

I have tears of joy for Dr. Paul Crouch. A father of the fatherless. I am a "small nobody," however, I had a definite sense that he loved and cared for me as a father would, through TBN. My own natural father was a deceased alcoholic. When I was a struggling new believer, I could turn to TBN as God's beacon of uncompromised light of the truth of Jesus Christ in the storms of life. When my life was too chaotic for religious churches to accept me as Jesus would. Nights that I would be struggling with the powers of darkness in discouragement, or fear. I would go to sleep listening to TBN, as the voice of the truth of the Gospel would be my anchor, of the presentation of God's Word & Love, and help me to persevere in following Jesus. God used TBN to help me establish my foundation as a young new believer through the uncompromised teaching of the Word of God with His Love. (I have been watching TBN since 1991.) - Barbara

I am one of thousands, if not millions, who received the knowledge and love Paul gave to us. With his new angelic wings, Paul will continue to touch us as if he were still with us. - Robin

I have so enjoyed viewing Behind the Scenes, especially, as Paul toured the 'satellite stations" of TBN worldwide. A great man of faith and God's servant. I'm grateful that he was able to celebrate his 40 years of Christian television with all of us. Paul will be greatly missed. - Ginger

So sorry to hear of the passing of the "revolutionary evangelist"-Paul Crouch.. There is nothing I can say that you haven't heard 1,000 times already, so I'll end this by saying that God definitely used Paul and left a strong legacy-TBN. - Valerie

Thank you Paul for sharing the love of our Christ Jesus. I was saved at the age of 17 watching TBN in 1978. - Bernadette

A General has gone to be with the Lord..Paul Crouch The owner and founder of TBN, a Network that has saved many souls including mine, because I heard the Gospel through TBN that was my Bible school in 2008. Paul was always a passionate man for soul winning and especially Bible Prophecy: the End times. I've really grown to love and appreciate Paul and I have been so very blessed to receive Christian broadcasting in our area where we formerly received very few Christian programs. - Deb

Paul helped bring a big change to the Los Angeles, California terrorizers, known as the gangs of Los Angeles, California. Without his vision, where would L.A. streets be today? It is not perfect today, but it has less trouble than would have been were it not for the infiltration of television and those seeking to reach lost individuals with another way of life. The dream of this guy did. - Wilbur

I am so grateful to TBN, Jan and Paul. My husband was saved by TBN and today he is singing in the Heavenly Choir with Paul. Today they praise the Lord in person with so many who have been saved. I started watching TBN over 20 years ago, and I give all credit to Jan and Paul for bringing the love of Jesus to my family, and saving my husband. - Judy

It was May 23rd 1979. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to come to the Phoenix, AZ station to be in the studio audience of the 3 hour PTL program. At the end of the 1st hour Dwight Thompson introduced his sermon that he said he would be preaching in the 2nd hour. His reference Acts 16:31. My husband was not saved and not interested. The Lord spoke to me to call my husband and have him watch. Then Jan began reading the names of people who called in to accept Christ. I hear, Terry, 21 years old from Glendale, AZ just accepted Christ!! I turned to my friends and said; " Do you think that is my Terry?" Well it was my Terry! Six months later he answered the call to ministry and started a Foursquare church in Grand Forks, ND in 1985. - Suzette

God used TBN to bring me closer to God. I hadn't followed Him closely. Then one day after prayer He turned everything around and He used TBN as a part of that turn around. TBN became the only channel that I watch and it has taught me also. - Terry

1 Samuel 3:10 says: Speak your Servant is Listening. That was Paul Crouch. When God called him to start the Television Ministry he Listened and responded to what God wanted to do. Now thanks to Paul and Jan's dedicated and kind work, millions around the world can now enjoy the Word of God 24 hrs a day with the help of God's precious servants who continue to give to TBN. - Shelly

I thank Paul for all his insightful "keys", and of course for his faithfulness to advancing the Lord Jesus' Kingdom purposes. How can one ever thank such a life and world changer appropriately? - Janice

He, through the TBN ministry has been amazingly influential in my life. Thank God for His work as the head of TBN, I truly have felt connected to the Body/Church of our Savior Jesus Christ. Paul Crouch has presented Christianity as relevant, serious, joyous, and eternally sustainable. H.S.

I want to express my love and appreciation for Dr. Paul Crouch. He was an amazing visionary that dared to believe God! He was like Abraham who knew not where he was going but went any how! I loved his wit and wisdom. - Kenneth

It's painful for us when one of Gods giants goes to be with The Lord. Paul, through his tireless work to get the gospel to every man on earth is truly one of Gods giants! I believe he is the greatest soul winner of our generation. Because of all of Paul's and JanŐs sacrifice, millions of people are going to be translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light! Thank you for being such an inspiration to Team Impact Ministries. - Berry Handley

I have been a viewer for a short time (1 year) and feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to have watched his program, as well as other programs daily. I have learned a lot and have opened my heart to the Lord. - Kathleen

I really enjoyed seeing the life of Paul Crouch Sr, and Jan on Sunday. I'm going to miss hearing his voice and seeing his presence on TBN and on Behind the Scenes. I started watching TBN back in the early 90's right after I got off of drugs; I watched a lot of Dr. E.V. Hill. The TBN set was always so much fun, I loved to hear Ms. Jan laugh, she is so beautiful, and I love her. - J.C.

On behalf of the team at Chick-fil-A at Kirkman, we want to extend our sincere condolences to Dr. Paul Crouch's family, and praise for his good works. Orlando Florida

Despise not small things. I remember when TBN was a weak snowy signal from a long way off. My brother who was Spirit filled watched and said that God was moving mightily here and watch God work! Today we get it on DISH network and are joyfully supporting TBN. Blessed be the inspiring story of Paul Crouch. - James

Thank you so much for the tribute to Dr. Crouch. I haven't stopped crying for days and I didn't even know him personally but I knew him in spirit. I've spent 30 yrs watching him on TBN since the day I gave my heart back to Christ. - Jeanene

I personally saw Dr. Crouch for the first time during a movie preview in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I was so touched; because for a man with such influence and responsibility, he was clothed in graciousness, humility, and approachability. I remember thinking to myself, "When I grow up, I want to be like him." - Lorraine

Years ago we met Paul in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Trip family was with you all. The church doors were locked. We had to wait outside. Paul came to open the doors and said to us all, "Aren't they letting you in? We can't have you waiting out here." He let us all in. Always the servant; always a leader. We love you all. - Penny

Dr. Paul Crouch will always be remembered in my heart and home. I testified many times regarding the blessing I received from TBN. Because of his ministry I still have my home. His beacon of faith and listening to the voice of God caused him to defy all the odds and pressed toward the prize of the "High Calling". - Charlotte

Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to Dr. Paul Crouch. It was such a blessing to actually see and hear all that God has accomplished through TBN these last 40 years. I have been, am, and will continue to be a proud contributor of TBN. Though Dr. Crouch has gone home, we are still here and we will march forward for souls in Jesus Name! - Linda

I thank God for Paul who gave his life so I could watch Christian TV and learn all the things I needed in my life to walk the road to heaven and be with Jesus. I thank Jan for sharing her testimony of her depression, when I myself, was going through the same thing and it gave me hope to get well. The world surely has been a better place with Jan & Paul for me. - Dawna

TBN, the Church Channel and JCTV are all I watch since July 2009! I am a 47 year old, single, grandmother of two. TBN has been extremely instrumental in helping me to maintain the level of closeness and intimacy that I have with my Savior. Without TBN, I have no need to own a television, TBN's Christian programming helps me to stay focused and stay Kingdom-minded, I don't want to be distracted or led astray by secular television. I'm thankful! - Wendy

I wasn't praying or going to church but after counseling God turned me around. He wanted me to watch TBN. Pastor Crouch was wonderful. TBN is my favorite channel and I watch it all the time. - Terry

I have been watching your program since 1975 when I moved to West Los Angeles. My mother and I watched together; and if we weren't together, we would call each other and talk about what was on TBN that night. I am so thankful for Paul and Jan. - Isabel

I started watching TBN in 1998 because I didn't have a car to drive to work, so TBN became my church. Thank you for being there for me when I needed it. - Patricia

This station has taken me to Christ and given me the power of the Holy Spirit to keep going. I am finally free of an addiction. I am at peace with God, and it is all due to this Station and the word of God always there to give me hope! I love you and thank you Paul for all your time and energy!! - Ingrid