I love to watch TBN. I'm a disabled veteran who is house bound so I get to watch TBN all the time and I love all the shows that I get to watch. I was praying for Dr. Crouch, but the Lord called him home. I hope to see him again in Heaven one day. I remember when I was in the hospital about 1994 in Va. Beach, Va. when the Lord spoke to me while I was in a coma and told me to give to TBN and when I came out of the coma, I told my husband what had happened; and we have been giving to TBN ever since. I thank God for TBN and every show that is on it. Praise The Lord! - Angel

I just wanted to say that if it were not for TBN and the movies and all the other wonderful programming, I would not probably be here. It gave me hope in the loneliest of times. I have a blood disease and I am 52 years old and have suffered greatly and have lost so much through my illness. TBN has been the only thing that has kept my faith thanks to you. - Ellen

I was very saddened by the passing of Paul Senior.We watched him every night on the live program updating us on the progress of the ministry. I have missed the program very much since Paul's death. I have been interested in following the progress of the London studios and the New Jerusalem studio. I would like to see the in-depth progress explained the way Paul Senior explained it. - Don

I was saved by TBN a few years ago and watch TBN daily. I love you all like family. - Michael

I have been watching TBN for years now and I praise God for it. The Holy Spirit put in my heart that those old classic Praise the Lord episodes with Paul preaching-Paul is not on earth anymore but he's still ministering from beyond the grave so to speak; so don't stop playing those precious episodes. - Jose

I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul, when for a short while I worked at Trinity City. It was 1988 I came across Praise the Lord at a drug house. Jeff Fenholt was a guest and singer. That day I gave my life to Christ and saw a miracle when I was instantly delivered while speaking with a prayer partner at a Circle K phone booth. - Shane

I have been watching TBN since the mid 70's and it was instrumental in renewing my faith in Christ. I have been a believer since I was 9 years old, but had not been as faithful as I should have over my teen years. All of your family feels like my family not just in Christ. I watched the boys grow up and am very proud that they are following in their father's footsteps. - Sabra

I used to tweet Paul on Behind the Scenes and Matt laughed when I called you Papa Crouch. You were indeed a Papa to me. One of the greatest spiritual fathers I ever had. Your obedience to the call directly touched my life in so many ways. I am certain that the RW Schambach revival service I attended in 1991 (when I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit) was due in great part to your influence on the church in America. Then one year I was so utterly alone and depressed on a Christmas Day that I was just flipping the dial looking for some kind of comfort. TV preaching had not been something I would stay tuned to for very long but I soon discovered that TBN was not just preaching. It was a family and they wanted me to feel like a real part of that family....a worldwide family. I soon could not get enough of TBN and it would carry me through 13 years of the worst stages of major depression and generalized anxiety disorder and full time disability....until healed a year ago by Jesus. I have had countless hours of learning, laughing and loving via TBN. You gave me an outlet for prayer and giving while living at home as a total hermit for 13 years. You were my window to the world and to the worldwide body of Christ. I can't wait to see you in Heaven, hug you and thank you. I am a life that was changed. Thank you Paul Crouch Sr. Enter now into your rest... Well earned. I will love you forever I miss you already!! Come quickly Lord Jesus! - Theresa

Interesting for Dr Crouch to have served 40 years at TBN. 40 "Represents the complete and sufficient period to finish a workĒ. - Lisa

Thank you Dr Paul Crouch! You have left a mark and legacy that cannot be erased! Through TBN, the gospel has reached the ends of the earth. It has been a distinguished honor to be a part of the greatest wave of evangelism in history. Your reward will be great. - Tim

You deserve a crown Paul. We celebrate you even as far as Malawi. You were such a wonderful gift to this generation. - Mike

I think sorry is not in order here..This man served God and Jesus his whole life, now he will reap what he sowed, his reward in heaven. It was a great honor to watch him over the years and see the great work he has done for the Lord. - Darrell

He paved the way for so many... What he believed in inspired many and accelerated the spread of the gospel around the world! - Catherine

What an awesome Man of God! He will be missed. I have watched TBN for over 25 plus years! - Sarah

As I grew in the Lord watching TBN & becoming a Christian, I truly know what it means when we say "Gone to a better place". Over the years I was so blessed watching TBN. - Susan

My heart is broken .I watched them for over 35 yrs. and went to Israel with Dr. Crouch, Jan, Arthur Blessitt, Laverene Tripp Family, Matt and Laurie right after their wedding...Been partners with them Always watch him on" Behind The Scenes" and with Matt... We Love You Dr. Paul Crouch and will see you in heaven soon...You will so very much be missed.... - Bobbie

I thank God for the life and ministry of Dr. Paul Franklin Crouch, Sr. My faith was deepened and my gifts matured because of the teachings I received from TBN. May God strengthen and comfort the Crouch family, especially his wife, Jan. - Rev. Joyce Irvin Harris

There were countless nights I'd wake up in the night and the Presence of God touched me through one of the programs and ministers on TBN. I love most their testimony - how God touched, called and enabled them to answer God's call! So encouraging to me! - Lisa

I thank God for Paulís life. I got saved watching TBN as a teen in Uganda & itís because Paul and Jan obeyed God to start TBN. The testimony I have is I got saved & got to see my parents confess Christ before they died. My siblings too are born again--the seeds continue to multiply so we give thanks for the life of Paul. I love you very much and Uganda is grateful. - Gracie

I've watched him on TBN since about 1976 - thousands of times - I really admired him. - Barbara

Started watching TBN in 1985...when nobody in Lynn really was interested if you were on fire for Jesus. Paul and Jan were interested. ... I learned a lot watching them about the power of the Holy Spirit....the rest of what they helped me with equal part of the huge crown Paul will receive. - Steve

Thank you Dr. Crouch for your steadfast faith and service to our Lord and Savior. TBN has been a life line to me over the years and I will continue to support and pray for the family. - Cara

I reconnected with God through TBN, Dr. Crouch made that possible. You will be missed sir! - Shonnalee

Paul was an Awesome and Amazing man of God. I will greatly miss seeing him and hearing his voice on TBN and The Church Channel. - Lisa