Thank you for bringing the gospel to the world!!!!! Patricia

Truly an inspiration to so many! A humble man doing what God asked him to do and accomplished that! Praise God for Paul's obedience. - Tony

Paul's passing is sad but his work and impact to so many lives will live on. - Zulema

Truly a Good man, he will be missed. - Greta

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" (Psalm 116:15). I'm glad that you lived for Jesus, now rest in Him. - Chioma

I'm so very sad to hear that Paul Crouch has passed away. Of course, we all know where he is right now and what a grand time he is having in the very presence of the KING of kings and LORD of lords! Truly, he was a courageous pioneer and visionary in the realm of TV Broadcasting and so much more! He will be so missed, and our living rooms won't be the same, as Paul Crouch leaves behind an incredible legacy that we can all partake of 24/7, 365 days a year. Praise God for the Crouch family!!! - Dorease

Trinity helped me many nights when I could not sleep and needed to hear a ministry, a word from God. Paul will be dearly missed but he is with Jesus now. I am sure he has already heard "well done my good and faithful servant". He is legendary in the major impact he has had on the whole world for the Lord! - Patricia

Dr. Crouch is enjoying Jesus as he did here on earth. God bless you and thank you for all of your labor. - Bryna

Dr. Paul Crouch was an amazing humble human who together with his wife Jan served God to the fullest, even to the peril of their lives. The world and Christians in general celebrate his life and as heaven rejoices in receiving him, we believers here on earth have been blessed by his ministry: the uncountable souls that have been saved for Jesus Christ. - Eric I can't think of any one man, other than Christ himself, who did so much to bring others to Christ as Dr. Paul Crouch. Thank you for our time with him, Lord, and thank you Paul for listening to God! - Sheryl

What a Great Saint of God! - Esther

My Christian television hero. Love you Paul Crouch. - Kristi

Dr. Paul F. Crouch was an inspiration to me. When I newly repented I stayed up late every night to watch "Praise the Lord" on TBN which he founded. I heard words and testimonies that changed my life. He gave opportunity to many preachers and singers to reach the world. He made the Gospel spread; he kept the faith and finished his course. Now up with the Lord to receive a crown of righteousness. - Eric

I watched a beautiful tribute to Dr. Paul late last night. It just makes me cry to see the empty void that his going to heaven has left us, but I do know that the Lord has a great plan and that it will be done. - Mickey

How I will miss you saying, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be on my lips!" TBN was my daily church. How I will miss you Dr. Paul Crouch....a true General in the faith. - Linnea

Rest in the presence of the Lord, job well done good and faithful servant, we'll miss you Paul. - Justine

When I was a little girl, I sang on the Kids Praise the Lord show on TBN when there were only a few puppets and shower curtain backdrops. My parents watched the shows, then the adult programming which led to both of them accepting Jesus, which changed the course of history for our entire family. Thank you Crouch family...please know that you are loved and appreciated for what you've done and will continue to do. - Tami

He finished the race. Well done servant. He was truly a man of God. He impacted so many lives all over the world. And he will be missed. - Abeba

Will miss you Paul. Thank you for your programs for reaching the multitudes. - Lind

We've lost another great General/Admiral of God's army! Dr. Paul Crouch Sr. excelled at always thinking of ways to promote the Word of the Lord. I will miss his daily "Behind the Scenes" teachings, his smile and laughter when he goofs up, and I will just miss a very caring man. RIP Paul and thank you Lord Jesus for sending us your very best. - Mary

A simple thank you Dr. Paul Crouch Sr. TBN network helped me to understand more on Jesus Christ and the miracles that healed me. - Edgar

Paul was a man who not only spoke the Word of God but who walked out the Word in his daily life. The Lord definitely used this man to help furtherance the gospel of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We will miss you Dr. Paul Crouch. - Dwight

A legacy that cannot be erased and feet that walked on the sand of times. - John

We know he is at home now and enjoying his many rewards for all he's done for the kingdom of God! May his legacy continue! - Sandy

I am forever grateful for the life and legacy of Dr. Paul Crouch Sr. One of God's Generals and a Spiritual Giant Indeed. God Bless the Crouch Family for so selflessly sharing their loved one as he partnered with the Kingdom to change the world. I'm certain He had a glorious welcome as he entered Heaven's gates. - Jeanine

Paul is talking to the Lord about TV stations and radio stations. How beautiful they must be, he has the very best. - Ann

With tears in my eyes, I will miss Paul and his wonderful heart! I have watched TBN since its beginning. - Samantha

Oh God, let us never forget the shoulders we climbed upon to make it where we are today. - Lillian

I thank Paul for standing strong back then when people didn't understand or see his vision and how much stronger in the Lord he had to become to complete his call. - Jeannie

What a man...What a man!! - Evelyn

Papa Paul is celebrating in Heaven! I know he misses his Pretty in Pink Jan!!!! We will all be together again!! - Patricia

Paul Crouch is going to be missed. Because of TBN I came to know Jesus, got baptized in the Holy Spirit, found my calling. Paul you have reached many with the gospel and your legacy will continue. I know that you are no longer in pain and are enjoying eternity with Jesus, and when I see you, I will give you a big hug. - Raymond

Paul is dancing in Heaven now with his many crowns that he truly deserves and worshipping God. - Shirley

A modern day John the Baptist, I will miss you Paul. - Danny

Love you so much Dr. Paul. I feel I have lost a personal friend from the past 40 years. Every time I think of where you are now, all I can do is smile and thank God your earthly battle is over. You fought the good fight and have a huge reward. You are with your beloved Savior. The untold millions that were brought to Christ through TBN. I can't wait to see you again and give you a big hug. - Susan

Brother Paul walked like an Elephant in this world. His footprints are forever indelible. We will miss him and his ministry in Uganda. - Onesimus

My late husband and I had the honor of working with Trinity Broadcasting to put the second station on the air in Phoenix AZ. This ministry has stood the test of time and has been blessed by the Lord. - Nancy

I have been watching since the early 80's. Take your rest now good & faithful servant! - Vernelli

TBN has been a lifeline to me in sickness and in health it has kept me encouraged and strong in the Lord by teaching the uncompromising Word of God without apology. ..thank you Paul & Jan for being obedient to God's call. - Lila

I will miss seeing Paul Sr on the broadcasts... especially "Behind the Scenes" and will always remember him happily saying: "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth". I encourage everyone to read or listen to the book "Hello World" to recount the many miracles the Lord brought Paul and Jan thru in the early years of TBN. I celebrate the life of Paul Crouch Sr, he left a tremendous legacy with TBN and I am grateful! - Rachel

Paul fought a good fight, he has finished the race and he has kept the faith. I always liked the way he called heaven "Home". This shows how confident he was that he never feared death. - Veronica

TBN is the only church I've ever had. If it wasn't for TBN eighteen years ago, I probably never would have been baptized. "Thank You Paul! I have a feeling that we all will be seeing you pretty soon now. Again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You " - Cathy

Paul, thank you for giving to the Lord, I'm a life that was changed, thank you for giving to the Lord, I'm so glad you gave. - Monica

I thank the Lord for the life of Paul Crouch. TBN has help to build my faith and develop my walk by allowing the Holy Spirit total freedom in each and everyone who came in the name of Jesus.... all nations were represented 24hrs/7days....many more victories for the TBN networks. Heaven has gained the greatest Praise the Lord leader in the cloud of witnesses...amen!!! - Sonyah

Paul loved the word of God... He loved the people of God's world, and he loved his future he often talked about God's Home..Heaven. .Let's celebrate this one of a kind disciple of Christ's life with great thanksgiving for each heart, like mine, who has been forever changed with the various teachers on TBN. - Sharon

The life of a hero never dies! Live on in our hearts and reign with your King. Thank you Paul and we salute you on your Graduation. - Gennevieve

Paul is basking in the love of his Savior and God he faithfully served for many years. Rest well Rev. Paul Crouch...I know you are still amazed at what you see and hear today in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. - Nancy

Pre-Trib....Mid-Trib....Post-Trib....That was one of my favorite program series...I was anxious to hear Paul's position on it....God told Paul, "Be ready!" I loved it! And the debate goes on. - Lou

I will surely miss hearing his voice. - Marian

I am overwhelmed by the kind of work this man did for God. We have enjoyed the station for a long time. May the lord God our father whom he served faithful expand and multiply TBN in these last days. - Mary

This is the way I see Paul....Dancing around the throne worshipping Jesus! That makes me feel so much better! - Debbie

Had numerous hours of enjoyment watching TBN programs. Thank you for your vision and boldness, Dr. Crouch... - Lise

Paul Crouch, I must say I'm a partaker of the great things God did through you in TBN. I'll miss your face but not your voice because the things God used you to say is a legacy for the younger generation and your voice in spite of your absence lives on and will continue to touch lives. - Kelechi

I thank the Lord for blessing billions of God's children with Dr. Paul and giving Dr. Paul and Jan the ways and means to spread Gods Word all over the world. - Dina

What a great man of God Paul was and a wonderful example to all Christians to Trust in God and He will Supply all our needs. - Marvelle

Dr. Paul now walks with his best friend. He is exchanging thought after thought, just like he did here with all of us. Now With Jesus the author of his faith. Oh, what a conversation about the things he will get to do up there. - Peggy

I admired the level of faith Paul demonstrated while building the TBN network. To God be the glory! - Carolyn

Dr Crouch, thank you for your Leadership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will see you in Heaven. - Devette

Paul Crouch, your labor was not in vain. The TBN network has and will continue to be a blessing to many. If it wasn't for the hotline, I don't know what I would have done. - Caren

I started watching the show when I was twelve. Thanks for being obedient to The Lord's work in TV spreading the gospel. - Elise

Pastor Paul has been an excellent soldier for the kingdom of Jesus Christ!!! His love that he had for souls is totally awesome. He is with the master in heaven!!! We love you Crouch family!!! - Donna

Thank you Paul for doing what God put you on this earth to do. TBN helped me through many trials and tribulations and built my faith. We miss you already my dear brother. - Tish

I am deeply saddened and upset by Paul's death. Through the TBN network, Kenya has been exposed to great preachers and expositors of the bible. - Mungai